Week 8 @ Clearleft

8 weeks down, only 4 more to go! This week I felt like I was really getting stuck into the project and starting to hone in on some key areas. I moved from the Discover phase to the Define phase and spent a lot of time thinking about the information architecture. I got to know my methods list pretty well after spending many hours poking around in it, trying to come up with a structure that would work. It’s been interesting getting to learn more about all the different methods too, a happy byproduct of working on this project. When I finally worked out my structure, having top level content grouped by the labels Create, Understand, Evaluate, Define and Run, the rest fell into place. I was able to use the structure that myself and Andy T had come up with in a card-sorting exercise earlier in the week to inform my labelling but split out into more easily scannable groups. Here’s a snapshot of my current structure:

I’ve also been mulling over which attributes I will need to gather for each method to provide further filtering. I would like to include:

  • Time taken
  • Phase of project – double diamond
  • Output type (research results, low-fi prototype etc)
  • Location of execution

Gathering that data for each method will be very time-consuming, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to create all that content for this project. I’m hoping I will be able to continue working on this beyond my academic deadline and actually launch this as a real product, but we’ll see how the good folks at Clearleft want to approach this.

I also held a workshop this week, using the weekly UX team meeting in order to get everyone together. I asked people to sketch or present ideas on one of two angles, either a single content page and how that would look, or how you might approach finding the content you wanted. I got some really interesting responses from people and it was great to get input from so many top notch UX brains. I’m starting to develop a clearer picture of what this tool might look like as I go into the Develop phase.

This week I’ve also been helping out on a project with Theirworld, doing research on podcasts to help guide their strategy and talking through ideas with the project team. It’s nice to be doing some work for such a worthy charity and I hope I will get the opportunity to do more with them.

The lovely Ellen also ran a case study writing workshop with a few of us on Friday to help us generate content about the projects we’ve worked on for the Clearleft website. It was interesting to see how they approach that and what tone of voice and language rules they follow.

In the coming week I’m looking forward to developing my design and testing it with the team. It’s exciting to see this product starting to take shape.

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