Interaction design 10

User testing lab

We’re getting close to the deadline now and I’m feeling fairly confident that I will get everything I want to done in time. I’ve really enjoyed working on this project and seeing my design take shape.

Once I got stuck into the wireframing I realised it wasn’t so scary after all. I actually think I did ok at it, once I started to refine the basic sketches into more polished prototypes.

We ran through our projects in class and I got largely positive feedback from Richard and my fellow students so I feel like things are progressing well. If only I felt so confident in all my modules (I’m looking at you web dev).

After class we conducted some user testing for each other’s projects. It was really interesting to see the things that came up. In general people grasped what I had intended but the homescreen, that I thought was a thing of great beauty, seemed to fail horribly at doing what it was supposed to do. The users were clicking all sorts of icons other than the ones I had intended, so clearly it needs further work. I actually think the changes it requires are pretty mine, probably just tweaking the icon labels will do it. This has demonstrated to me the importance of microcopy, which I think can get overlooked sometimes in the wider landscape of more glamorous UX areas.

I will take these findings and adjust mu designs accordingly. I also need to crack on with my critical reflection document as that is due now too.

I’m excited about IDM22 and finding out how the next stages of UX design will unfold. I’ve grown quite fond of my little Happy Returns project so it will be sad to say goodbye. Maybe I’ll find an angel investor and make my first million?

Wish me luck 🙂

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